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Hi! My name is Vadim, I am a novice voiceover artist and if you need to voice a text, a character from a movie, TV series, computer game or any other text/information - you have found the one you need! Since childhood I love to parody various characters from the movie/game industry, as well as change my voice. In particular, it is very good to parody the voice of characters from the movie Transformers, the voice of the President of Russia and others. I have a fairly average timbre and frequency of voice. For a long time gave practices related to the development of voice, sound and vibration, as well as beat-boxing. Open to any suggestions related to voiceover! Preferably Russian, English is also possible, but it requires training. My e-mail: WhatsApp: +(996) 221 147 770 +7(988) 098 88 16 Telegram: Mercury88888


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